Fire & Smoke Restoration Service

When it comes to fire and water damage restoration companies in Orange County, no one beats the service and professional knowledge of SERVPRO of Laguna Beach and Dana Point. Our technicians understand fire and water damage restoration techniques that can have your home looking like new in less time than you thought possible.

What Types of Damages Are Common In Fires?

A fire is one of the most devastating events that can happen to a family. Laguna Beach fire incidents occur every year, and the families whose homes are affected need fire damage restoration services in order to once again enjoy their homes.

There are several types of problems that require professional fire damage restoration, including:

  • Asbestos removal. Older buildings may contain asbestos which is a very dangerous substance. Removal of burned or damage boards and other items containing asbestos requires special PPE or personal protective equipment.
  • Structural damage from fires. Fires can easily cause structural damage to a home. In fact, some of the worst damage caused by a fire may not be visible to the casual observer, resulting in very dangerous situations in which walls, floors or ceilings can collapse without warning.
  • Soot and smoke damage. Even when walls or items in rooms are not burned, they may be damaged by soot and smoke. These particulates can land on and damage all types of furniture, personal effects and other items in rooms, making them useless unless they are cleaned properly.
  • Water damage. While water is helpful in putting out fires, it can easily damage areas of the home that are not affected by the fire. Many aspects of cleanup after a fire involve both fire and water damage restoration.

SERVPRO of Laguna Beach and Dana Point offers full water and fire damage restoration services throughout Orange County. Homeowners who need fire and smoke damage restorationwill find that SERVPRO offers professional cleanup and repair 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

How Are Damages Repaired After A Fire?

One of the things that fire and water damage restoration companies must be able to do is mitigate the damage caused by a fire. This includes the water damage, smoke and soot damage and burn damage caused by the flames.

The first thing to do in any fire and smoke damage restoration situation is to get the air moving. The air must be able to circulate freely, drying the wet areas and pushing smoke and soot out of the home. SERVPRO offers fire damage restoration service that includes the latest technology and equipment to get air moving through the home immediately to mitigate the damage from a house fire.

Next, it is important to dry any items that can be dried as quickly as possible. For example, drapes and curtains can be removed and dry cleaned or washed as soon as possible to remove the smoky smell they may have picked up from the fire. They should not be rehung, however, until the room is completely dry to prevent mustiness. Upholstered furniture and rugs can be dried quickly using equipment that SERVPRO brings to the scene. The latest in drying technology is available to help SERVPRO professionals dry all items quickly, helping to save them and keeping them clean and fresh.

Smoke can also cause serious problems as the particulates react with other substances. For example, soot and smoke can “etch” brass or copper due to a chemical reaction between these metals and the solids in the smoke itself. It is very important to get brass or copper items out of the home and cleaned as quickly as possible with an approved cleaner. In fact, almost any portable items that can be removed from the home should be taken out, cleaned, and kept away until the entire house is cleaned and freshened. If not, you risk missing items that need cleaning or returning an item only to have it saturated again with smoke or soot.

Soot is the residue left behind from smoke. It has an oily texture and can easily harm surfaces that it touches. Never attempt to vacuum soot yourself for several reasons. First, most vacuum attachments tend to push soot into fabrics or carpets. Second, soot can clog regular vacuums and cause damage. Finally, most vacuum cleaners do not have a filter strong enough to keep soot particles from re-entering the air. Vacuuming may spread these particles around and cause even more damage.

Finally, the right chemicals must be used in order to counteract the smell of smoke, which can become embedded in textiles and other substances. It is important to use the right chemicals, however, including those that will not harm you or your family and will clean without harming the surfaces they touch.

SERVPRO of Laguna Beach and Dana Point can offer you professional cleaning services whenever you have a fire. No matter how small the damage may seem, it is best to consult a professional when you have a fire to ensure that cleanup is handled properly.

Clean water damage restoration trucks ready to respond to any size disaster!

Clean water damage restoration trucks ready to respond to any size disaster!

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